Who are we?

Based on the original vehicle supporting technology of the state-owned Shanghai General Electric Factory, Shanghai Lingyu has a development history of nearly 30 years. Currently, it has grown into a competitive professional ignition coil service provider in China.

What are our advantages compared with peers?

1 Our High-quality OE standards stem from advanced production control.
2 Large warehousing and operation capabilities ensure prompt shipment.
3 A large number of part number specifications, more than 700 product models.
4 Precisely understand market conditions based on our more than two decades of after-sales experience.
5 Pure regional protection of brands, completely customizable.
6 The first Chinese inquiry system, freeing you from worries of zero-experience sales.
7 The first Chinese Overseas purchase of high-end original ignition coils in China.
8 7*24h online self-service ordering system.
9 Super cost-effectiveness, high reputation, super exquisite packaging.
10 Different quantities of promotional surprises are presented in different seasons and for different models.
11 Professional customer service tracking service before, during and after sales.
12 Fast and developed logistics system to ensure rapid receipt.

Suggestions on amount of products purchased for the first time

Produce product data about the latest common models for customers. Give customers the most professional sales guidance, and then there will be sufficient follow-up communication. Upon both parties’ confirmation,
A customer in a provincial capital is generally recommended to purchase for the first time our products at the cost of 50,000-100,000 yuan (for one store).
A customer in a prefecture-level city is generally recommended to purchase for the first time our products at the cost of 30,000-60,000 yuan (for one store).
You may add or reduce your amount of purchase according to your specific conditions so as to ensure the most reasonable order allocation.

What are the requirements for agents? How much turnover is required?

There is no requirement for agents in the first year, which is a time period for mutual understanding. Requirements are raised one later and the specific content is customized depending on region.

Can you customize products?

Yes, we can develop and produce products based on drawings or samples provided by customers.

How you ship goods?

By logistics (the costs will be borne by Lingyu)
By express delivery (the costs will be borne by you).